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Fun Indoor Activities

We have some fun activities for kids and adults to try out during this lock down.


Paper Plates Tennis

Take some ordinary paper plates, popsicle sticks, and balloons to transfer any room into your very own tennis court. I played this as a kid, and I continue playing it as an adult. Also side benefit, it's much easier than real tennis and far less expensive to get the equipment. I will include a video to show you how to make this fun game yourself.

Obstacle Course

got some kids stuck at home with a lot of pent up energy? Create a fun obstacle course around the house using everyday objects. The longer you want to keep them away from the tv, the harder the course! I personally would do this as an adult but I have a lot less energy to get rid of than the kiddos. Involve balloons, pillows, blankets, charis, furniture, maybe even sprinkle in some small chores in there (if you're feeling brave). Check out this fun video that shows you some ideas.

Paper Airplane Contest

Now this is for all ages. Building and having paper airplane flying competitions is a staple of indoor activities. Now you have time to try out that crazy technique you saw on youtube, or maybe you want to use something other than paper to create your masterpiece. Have some prizes or goodies for the winners, and have categories like Furthest Flier, Longest in the Air, Most Creative Airplane. I promise you this will get the competitive juices flowing no matter how many people are in the house.

No matter what you try, make sure you are having fun and taking lots of pictures and videos. Who knows, you may create the next best game that we at Power Play can try at one of our events! Try stuff out, and share it to our Facebook (gopowerplay) and Instagram (@gopowerplayva). Stay safe and enjoy your lockdown!

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